Ductile Iron Manhole Cover & Frame manufactured as per BSEN124 std

  • Gratings & Gullies in different Grade such as Heavy Duty D400/C250 , Medium Duty B125, Light Duty A15, E600 and F900
  • Solid top / Recessed / Rectangular / Square / Circular / Double Triangular Design
  • Electrical Manhole Covers
  • Surface Boxes
  • Sewerage badged Double Triangular Cover with GRP sealing plate
  • Storm Water badged Semi-Circular Cover
  • Kerb Gullies with Road Retaining Bars & GRP Grids
  • We also supply to Defense Projects, Public Works Dept and Different Municipality projects including Villa Projects
  • Channel Gratings in various opening sizes
  • Badging / Embossing¬† in English on covers , as per project requirements
  • Glass Reinforced Plate (GRP) Suitable to use on our products
  • Finish of products will be Black Bitumen or any colour Epoxy like Red Epoxy for Fire Fighting, Blue Epoxy for Irrigation etc can be used as per project requirements

Features of Manhole Covers:

  • Double Triangular:Covers comprising of two triangular elements for the purpose of providing stable convenience of lighter weight owing to the split cover.
  • Singe Seal: It is a vertical relationship between a cover edge and frame with cover bottom sitting in the seal.
  • Double Seal: It Is a duplicate vertical relationship between a Manhole cover edge and frame with cover having two prongs to sit on frame.
  • Recessed Cover: This design allows the insertion of chosen material usually to match the surrounding area/can be filled with any substances as per site.
  • GRP Plate: Glass Reinforced Plastic Plate generally is located under a cover to provide additional protection against the ingress of elements like sand/ slit etc.
  • Seating: It represents bearing surfaces in between a cover and frame.
  • Prising Slots: These are recesses to receive a prising bar for the purpose of loosening a cover prior to lifting.
  • Clear Opening : This is the nominal unobstructed access opening in a frame
  • Plain Seated Non sealed but joint contact between a Cover edge and Frame
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